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When I was a child I learned to be tough…I had a brother. Need I say more? My imagination was colorful. My dolls were strong and were not to be defeated by my brother's, much larger and uglier, monster toys. They could fly, had super, power punches and were magically enchanted. I mean, whose doll wasn't? 

I also enjoyed drawing and making up stories to go with my crazy drawings. As I got older, I realized my stories were better than my art. I went to college for Sports Medicine but discovered I didn't like working with adults…they lacked…excitement! I went right back to school for physical therapy and ecided to specialize in the treatment of children.

Children keep your legs running, your mind racing and your heart happy…all at the same time. But that's what keeps my mind fresh and my imagination rich.

You try to outsmart two and three-year-olds all day. You better have your A-game on because their day twists, turns and flips upside-down at a moments notice and you need to be quick with genius inspiration to keep the fun going!

I'm a pediatric physical therapist who works with young children with developmental delays. They keep my imagination vivid on what can and will be if you work hard! My first book that was published was Move With Me in 2002. This book is dedicated to activities that strengthen children through creative play.

My paranormal series, Fallen Guardians, allowed me to explore not only the amazing world of fiction, but of endless possibilities. Fallen Guardians – The Lost (book one) was published in 2012 and thanks to my great fans, received several five star reviews! Fallen Guardians – The Awakening (book two) is now available as well.

My goal is to make a mark and difference in the world, so when I’m gone everyone will say “Now she was something else!”